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  • Paula Mueller

007: NO Time To Die

Genre: Action, Adventure

Release date: 30.09. 2021

Cast: Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux, Rami Malek, Ana de Armas and Lashana Lynch

Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga

Screen time: 163min

Age rating: PG-13

Original language: English

Plot: In the past, young Madeleine Swann witnesses her mother getting killed by Lyutsifer Safin in a failed attempt to murder her father Mr.White, who we know from previous movies. Madeleine flees but never really escapes her past.

In the present, after the capture of Ernst Blofeld in the last movie Spectre, Madeleine is in Matera, Italy with James. Spectre assassins try to kill Bond when he visits Vespers Lynd’s tomb. Though Bond and Madeleine escape the assassins, he believes she has betrayed him, since she was the only one who knew about him going there and she is “a child of spectre”, and leaves her.

Five years later, the MI6 scientist Valdo Obruchev is kidnapped from an MI6 laboratory. With M's approval Obruchev had developed Project Heracles, a bioweapon with nanobots that infect like a virus and are coded to a person’s DNA.

Bond has retired to Jamaica, where he is contacted by his old friend from the CIA, whom the viewers know from Casino Royale, Felix Leiter. He and his colleague Logan Ash, ask for Bond's help in finding Obruchev. At first Bond declines, but after Nomi, an MI6 agent and, since he left, the new 007, tells him about Project Heracles, Bond agrees to help Leiter.

Bond goes to Cuba and meets Paloma, a CIA agent working with Leiter. They sneak into a Spectre meeting for Blofeld's birthday to kidnap Obruchev. But since Blofeld is still imprisoned, he uses an electronic eye to lead the meeting and to order his members to kill Bond with the nanobot mist, that Obruchev was supposed to code to Bonds DNA. Surprisingly, it kills all the Spectre members instead, as Obruchev had reprogrammed the nanobots to infect them, on Safin's orders. Bond captures Obruchev and escapes with Leiter and Ash, but Ash turns out as a double agent working for Safin. He kills Leiter and escapes with Obruchev.

Afterwards, Moneypenny and Q arrange a meeting between Bond and Blofeld in prison to try to find Obruchev since they think he is the only one who could know where he is.

Meanwhile Safin visits Madeleine, who is now a therapist and has also been in contact with Blofeld since his imprisonment, as his therapist. Safin puts nano bots coded for Blofeld on her skin so that if she touches Blofeld, he’d die of the infection. When Bond meets Madeleine at Blofeld's prison cell, he touches her and unknowingly infects himself before she leaves. Blofeld confesses to Bond that he planned the attack on Bond at Vesper Lynd’s tomb to make it seem like Madeleine had betrayed him. Bond reacts by attacking him, and unintentionally, causing the nano bots to infect and kill Blofeld.

Bond tracks Madeleine to her childhood home in Norway and learns she has a five-year-old daughter, Mathilde, who she claims is not his. Madeleine tells him that when Safin was a boy, his parents were murdered by her father on Blofeld's orders. Now that he has caused the death of Blofeld and Spectre his last goal is to kill Bond and his family. Safin hunts them down and eventhough Bond kills Ash, Safin captures Madeleine and her daughter. Q helps Bond and Noemi break into Safin’s headquarters, on an island between Japan and Russia, where Obruchev is mass-producing the technology so Safin can use it to kill millions of people.

My feedback: I really enjoyed watching the movie in cinemas. It has more emotions and is deeper than the usual Bonds and since it is the last movie with Daniel Craig, the emotional goodbye works very well. I’d recommend it to all Bond lovers and of course also to people who are new to the series although I highly recommend at least watching Spectre before seeing No Time To Die since it is largely based of it. Although the movie is quite long, it’s definitely worth watching it.

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