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  • Azize Ozyurek-Baer

4:50 from Paddington

Imagine you are in a train that is rattling along in the countryside, you look through another train’s window. What you see makes your blood go cold: a man is strangling a woman. What do you do?

That is how the murder mystery “4:50 from Paddington”, a book in the Miss Marple series by Agatha Christie, written 1957, begins. No-one believes Mrs. McGillicuddy, the witness, and so she tells the secret detective Miss Marple, who, in turn, hires Lucy Eyelesbarrow to go and search for the body. This brings Lucy, undercover as a maid, to investigate in the ever more suspicious-looking Crackenthorpe family, and everyone wants to get their hands on the considerable sum of money in the will. But the murderer is still amongst them...

The tension builds throughout book, beginning with knowing nothing about the murder, not even who the victim is, and ending with some very surprising plot twists. In a good murder mystery, you can look back and see how the clues were actually very obvious, so obvious that you didn’t see them. This is also the case in this book, with Christie cleverly hiding clues in plain sight.

The investigation goes rather slowly, and you don’t always know what is in the detectives’ minds (the detectives being Miss Marple, Lucy Eyelesbarrow and Investigator Craddock, who is sent by the police for the case). This encourages the reader to guess along and formulate their own theory, which makes the book more interesting and even more suspenseful.

This book is for anyone who likes historical books, cleverly thought-out murder mysteries and shocking plot twists.

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