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  • Isabel Raghoo

4 animals you have probably never heard of

1. Golden Lion Tamarin

Latin name: Leontroptherus rosalina

They usually live in the Brazilian jungle. They are omnivore which means as much as they can eat both plants and meat. Their lifespan is up to 15 years in the wild. The Golden Lion tamarin gets its name from the golden orange pelt it has and from the long hair around the face and ears, which makes it look a bit like a lion's main.

Like all the animals the golden lion tamarin is related to, they have a long tail. They have a dark and hairless face. Golden lion camerons can reach a size of up to 261 mm (10.3 inches) and weigh around 620g. There is usually no size difference between male and females. Natural enemies are jaguars, ocelots, and margays.

2. Corn snakes

Latin name: pantherophis guttatus

You can find them in America where it is common to call them "Red Rat" snakes. Corn snakes lack functional venom. This means that they can't kill humans. Corn snakes hunt smaller animals such as rodents. It is called "corn snake" because of it's presence near grain stores, to wait for their prey, such as mice and rats that eat the harvested corn.

They have red and orange stripes and have a bumpy skin. Corn snakes have plenty natural enemies like hawks, owls, eagles, occasionally vultures and falcons, raccoons, skunks, foxes, possums, king snakes and rat snakes.

3. Wolverine

Latin name: Gulo gulo

Marvel fans would realize that this animal has the same name as a Marvel character, the wolverine. However, the wolverine has nothing to do with the mutant logan. The only thing they have in common is that they are incredibly strong.

The wolverine is a carnivore and can kill prey twice as the size of itself, due to its furiosity and strength in proportion to its size. Even though wolverines are very strong, they still have natural enemies like: wolves, american black bears, brown bears, cougars (pumas/mountain lions) and golden eagles. Wolverines can be found in north America (the U.S), northern Canada, Alaska, northern countries of Europe, Western Russia and Siberia.

4. Vaquita

Latin name: phocoena sinus

Can be found at the Gulf of California in the shallow parts of the water. Can become up to 1.5 m (5 ft) long. Vaquita feed on small fish, shrimp squid and octopuses but because of their limited range, they are the most seriously endangered of all marine mammals.

They are also one of the smallest species in the porpoise family. They have a rather small body with an unusual, dolphine like, fin and a rounded head. The colours are very mostly grey with a slightly darker back. Sharks and killer whales (orcas) are natural enemies of vaquitas.

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