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5 Book Recommendations

1. The Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins)

The book “The Hunger Games” is about a girl named Katniss who lives in Panem, a dystopian world of the future. Panem is divided into 12 districts and the Capitol from where the country is controlled. The people in the districts have hardly any rights and have to follow the Capitol’s rules. Every year, 2 children from each district have to take part in the Hunger Games, a TV show, where each tribute has to fight to survive. It is for the amusement of the Capitol and in the end, there is only one victor. When Katniss is sent into the Hunger Games, she uses this as a chance to rebel. She disobeys the rules and starts acts of revenge. The book was made into a film in 2012.

We enjoyed this book very much because it is about resistance, friendship, love and has strong female characters. We would recommend it for all readers from the age of 11.

2. A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder (by Holly Jackson)

Andie Bell was murdered by Sal Singh five years ago and the case has been closed for a long time. But Pippa Fitz-Amobi isn’t so sure. She chooses the case as her topic for a project and starts investigating on the murder. She begins to uncover things that nobody knew about and starts thinking that Sal may not have murdered Andie after all.

We enjoyed this book a lot, because it was very suspenseful and had a lot of twists. We especially liked the unexpected ending. We think the book is suitable for everyone aged 11 and over.

3. Thirteen Reasons Why (by Jay Asher)

Clay Jensen unexpectedly receives a box of cassettes recorded by Hannah Baker, his former crush from school. She committed suicide two weeks before and made 13 tapes, which are now being sent around. Each tape is about one person, who is part of the reason she killed herself. The narrative changes from Hannah speaking on the cassettes and Clay listening to them. The book was also turned into a popular TV-series on Netflix.

We liked this book, because it was different to books we usually read, as it was more about reality than fantasy. Also, it was exciting and hard to put down. We would recommend this book to anyone from the age of 14.

4. Northern Lights (by Phillip Pullman)

The book “Northern Lights” is a fantasy novel about a girl named Lyra, who lives in a parallel universe where everyone is accompanied by a daemon. A daemon is an animal which reflects your soul and is always near you. Lyra sets of to a journey to find her missing friend, Rodger and her uncle Lord Asriel. Northern Lights is the first of three books telling the story of Lyra’s adventures. Northern Lights was also turned into a TV-series called “His Dark Materials” which is available on BBC Iplayer.

We enjoyed this book very much, because it was thrilling, plot-driven and compelling. We recommend it for fantasy fans from 12 years old.

5. Room (by Emma Donoghue)

Jack and his mother are trapped in one single room for more than five years. His mother was kidnapped when she was only 19 years old and has lived in Room ever since. Jack was born there and has no idea what the outside world really looks like. He thinks Room is the only place on earth. When he turns five years old, his mother tells him about the world outside and together they try to come up with an escape-plan. The book was turned into a movie in 2015.

We really liked this book, because it is based on true story and was very emotional. The story is very original and gripping. We would recommend it for people age 14 and over.

By Anna and Helena Johnson

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