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  • Leopold Pantazis

5 Dolphin facts

1. Rather than sleeping for many hours at a time, dolphins rest a part of their brain for 15 to 20 minutes a day. They take several of these naps per day to get their sleep. The reason they do this is so that they don’t drown when they sleep, as dolphins need air to breathe.

2. Dolphins have multiple stomach chambers, one of which is used for digestion and the other is used to store the food which will be digested.

3. Most female dolphins carry their baby for around 17 months and only have one calf, which is a baby dolphin.

4. Dolphins communicate underwater through various vocalizations. They make clicking sounds to find prey and whistle to speak to other dolphins. They also make pulse sounds to scare off sharks.

5. Dolphins are highly social animals and even have certain friend groups. Some dolphins appear to like the company of specific other dolphins more-just like humans.

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