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  • Zachary Ridgwick

5 movies and tv shows coming out soon

your guide by Zach Ridgwick

Here are five movies and tv shows that are releasing this year, so you’ll know what to watch.

Hunger games: the ballad of songbirds and snakes

The prequel to the insanely poplar series the hunger games is getting a movie adaptation. The story, set around 60 years before Katniss’ Hunger Games, follows the young future president Coriolanus Snow. Although the story has many layers, it mainly rotates around Snow and the Tribute he has to mentor for the games: Lucy Gray Baird. The movie is expected to release late 2023, so if you’re a hunger games fan, then make sure to get tickets for that.

Spider- man: across the spider verse

Next, there’s the latest Spider-Man. The unique style of animation and story made the first movie very popular; the second instalment of the series will follow the same type of animation of course. The movie will follow Miles Morales journey through the ‘spider verse’, the infinite parallel universes introduced in the first movie, where he has to battle other spider men. It will release June the second.

Jujitsu Kaisen: season 2

The insanely popular new gen anime is finally getting a second season. We will learn about fan- favourite Satoru Gojo’s past, along with the Shibuya Incident arc – where things might get out of hand. MAPPA, the studio from Chainsaw Man and Attack on Titan the final season, will animate this season, as they did the first. The episodes will start releasing June 6.


For kids and adults alike, this movie is sure to do well. With a cast like Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, John Cena and Will Farrel, what could go wrong? The movie of the famous kids series will release June 21, the same day of another blockbuster...


...namely ‘Oppenheimer’. Two completely different movie genres, as this movie is about the story behind the atomic bomb. Like ‘Barbie’ the film has an amazing cast: Cilian Murphy, from peaky blinders; Robert Downey Jr., who everyone knows; Florence Pugh from Widow; and on top of that, the director is Christopher Nolan – the genius behind the Dark Knight movies. As said it will release on the June 21st.

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