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  • Alexandra Desbiens

A movie filmed in space?

You must have watched a lot of weird and wonderful movies like some filmed underwater, others about the future, some even set in a different world, but this is a movie incomparable to any other movie. A movie filmed in space! On the 5th of October, a Russian film crew set off on an ambitious adventure: to make a movie in space. The team was built of three crew members. Participants were a famous Russian actress, the producer and director of the movie, as well as a cosmonaut. Their goal was to produce a movie about a medical emergency in space that requires a surgeon from earth to treat a crew member. It is the first feature film made in space and the first time actors were sent to space. Tom Cruise and an American director had announced in 2020 that with the help of NASA they were planning to film a movie in space. However, the Russians were faster and beat them to it! The movie will be called "Challenge". On the 17th of October, the crew safely landed in the steppe of Kazakhstan. Has this inspired you to make your own weird and wonderful movie?

Fun Fact: The actress and the director underwent rigorous training ahead of their space jaunt. Along with understudies, they prepared by doing centrifuge and vibration stand tests, training flights in zero gravity, and parachute training.

By Alexandra Desbiens

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