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A Tribute to Miss Bernardino

We are sad to inform you that our chief editor, boss and founder of the student magazine is leaving to live overseas. She started this magazine three years ago and stayed with us to the end, despite Wix drama and fluctuating numbers of writers and editors. She has put endless amounts of time and energy into this magazine, and no one will ever truly be able to replace her. We are thankful for all the things she has done over the years, including, but not limited to, believing in us, no matter how many or few of us there were, providing emotional support, whether related to the magazine or not, and throwing great end of year parties.

The magazine has enabled us to explore our (sometimes niche) interests and to get to know and befriend people we otherwise never would have. A particularly memorable event was the interview with Emma Thompson, but this is just one of the memories the DSLTimes has left us with – editor meetings and discussions of hilarious typos were just as important a part of the magazine as meeting an A-list celebrity. These memories often involve students that have graduated, moved away or who found themselves too busy with schoolwork to continue working on the articles. It is also on their behalf that we thank Miss Bernardino for setting up the magazine and being the determined captain of our crew. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours and adventures and hope she will take away as many positive memories from her time at our school as we have.

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