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  • Johannes Hlavka


Everyone has heard about advertising or short ads in their lives before, but many people do not know what is behind it.

I am sure you saw an ad before and thought it is really annoying. So why make company ads? For this we must go into its psychology: Imagine you are in a telephone-shop, and you must decide between an apple and a pear telephone. Most people would choose the apple telephone because they know apple- and that´s what ads do. The ad should make you think you know the product.

But this isn´t the only marketing ploy that companies use: Some ads create a story around the product because we remember stories better. The reason for this, according to Gerald Hüther is that stories have many connection points to our memory content. But the product must also look like you need it, and many advertisements try But not all types of advertising are videos from companies. There are also advertisements from influencers; companies pay influencers for advertisements because they are normally popular. Their followers trust them and it´s often not as expensive as advertising on the television. That´s the reason why many companies use influencers for advertising.

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