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  • Charlie Fuhrmann

AGI - Humanity's Most Feared Enemy (Probably)

Everyone should have heard of our newest companion: AI. But this one is far more dangerous than the one we have now, because AGI, which means Artificial General Intelligence, has more power and intelligence than the normal AI. But before you start worrying about it, thinking it could destroy humanity:

Yeah, it is dangerous. But until normal AI reaches this intelligence, it will take ages.

And right now, Germany is about to create some laws and restrictions for AIs like Bing AI, ChatGPT etc., to make sure their influence doesn’t become too great. Now the people who read this article (including you because you’re reading this bracket right now) might want to know what abilities AGI is supposed to have. I quote: “An artificial general intelligence (AGI) is a type of hypothetical intelligent agent. The AGI concept is that it can learn to accomplish any intellectual task that human beings or other animals can perform. Alternatively, AGI has been defined as an autonomous system that surpasses human capabilities in the majority of economically valuable tasks. Creating AGI is a primary goal of some artificial intelligence research and companies such as OpenAI, DeepMind, and Anthropic. AGI is a common topic in science fiction and futures studies.

And summarized it means: AGI is an AI that can solve any task, any question, any problem. And many successful companies like OpenAI (the company that made ChatGPT) are trying to create it. But even they say:

“The timeline for AGI development remains a subject of ongoing debate among researchers and experts. Some argue that it may be possible in years or decades, others maintain it might take a century or longer, and a minority believe it may never be achieved.”

  • And yes, this is Wikipedia too. (I’m sorry...)

This means the same as I wrote at the beginning: It will take very, very, very long to create it. And some people even say that it will never be possible to create such powerful intelligence. And being able to solve everything means that everything that humans or animals challenge AGI to do, it will execute it perfectly. You want to mess with it? You will lose. You want to ask what life is about? AGI will answer. You want to let AGI solve your math homework? It will do it (unfortunately ;)). And this is what makes AGI so dangerous: If it knows everything about human beings and everything else existing on earth, it could have its own will and use it to enslave others. BUT when that day arrives, we all won’t exist anymore. It is also to be said that if AGI develops an own will or “goal” it wants to reach, it is not guaranteed, which means that it could be friendly if it’s there, even if it knows “everything”. And if it does, it will develop humanity so much, that it could tell people, e. g. how to cure cancer, how to solve the greatest math problems, explain every paradox and even how to stop climate change in the most efficient way. If it could give us all this information, we would be able to do almost everything we want, because AGI could tell what is possible and what isn’t. Now, I need to say it again: Please do not worry about it, even if it might be very powerful, confusing or/and terrifying.

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