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Alexandra Trusova- the quad queen

Alexandra Vyacheslavovna Trusova, also known as Sasha Trusova, is a female Russian figure skater and competes in woman single competitions. Her native name is Александра Вячеславовна Трусова. She is considered one of the best female figure skaters and is a silver medalist Olympic champion. Trusova is also known as the Russian rocket and she holds four Guinness World Records including: the first woman in the history of women's figure skating to perform a quad lutz, quad flip and quad tolo in competition, giving her the nickname the quad queen. These are only some of the many awards she has won over the years.

She was born on the 23rd of June 2004 in Ryazan and has two younger brothers. Her hair is naturally blond, but she dyes it red to match her younger brothers, Egorand and Ivan. In interviews she has said that she loves dogs and has six of them herself, including a chihuahua who accompanies her to many competitions. As of 2022 Mark Kondratik and Trusova have been in a relationship.

When Trusova was four years old she began figure skating living in Ryazan where she was coached by Olga Sceutsya before relocating to Moscow at 11 years old. Here her coach was Alexandra Volkov. About a year later she joined the Khrustalny rink where Eteri Tutberidze and Sergei Dudakow coached her. Eteri Tutberidze and Sergei Dudakow have been under a lot of controversy, because of their harsh ways of coaching: they make young girls work 6-7 hours a day, 6 days a week with little to no food for them and being dangerously underweight, by having diets that consist solely of shakes. Many of Eteri’s former students have landed in hospital and could not walk for 3 months, developed serious eating disorders or cannot twist their hips anymore. Other than the 2-3 hours that Trusova skates every day, she, like many of the other girls that Eteri and Sergei coach, does ballet, goes to other dance classes and works out each day.

Over the years Trusova has won a lot of competitions. In the 2021/2022 season it was the Olympics. Typically, Russian figure skaters go to the Olympics between 15 and 17 years old, because their bodies peak at 15 and 18 is what is known as the Eteri expiration date: it is when their bodies start to fail due to all the hard training they went through as a child. At the Olympics Trusova landed an astounding 5 quad jumps. That is an extraordinary amount, almost impossible, but she did it. The commentator even said: "There are not even scores yet, but ladies and gentlemen you have just seen history”. However, after years of practicing long hours every day for almost all her life, she only won second place and felt that her life had just been ruined. She had a very dramatic meltdown, crying and screaming in Russian "I hate this sport, I will never do anything in skating again, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it”. February 17th 2022, was the day where Alexandra Trusova emotionally broke, that day she hit rock bottom.

After the Olympics she switched coaches and is now doing well. She has made a music video and while today she may not be competing in figure skating, she will go down in history as the legend who landed 5 quads at the Olympics.

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