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  • Mathilda Thomann and Rebecca Bianco


Once upon a time in a faraway land lived Anarita and Fernando, a beautiful loving couple. Well, she was gorgeous and he was handsome, whenever they were together they turned heads, but in the night he would go and be unfaithful to her. After a long day at the pumpkin stand, Anarita walked in on her fiancé in bed with her best friend Marianella. As most in such a situation, she threw herself into her work. She was at the stand day and night, not wanting to return to the place she called her home with Fernando, it had given her so much pain and misery. No matter how hard she tried though, her sadness gave off an unwelcoming and unpleasant impression on her customers. Nobody wanted her pumpkins.

One day a travelling witch who was looking for something to eat, as her journey had not provided her with enough, came across Anarita’s stand and picked up a pumpkin, wondering how much the girl wanted for it. The young merchant, who had been struggling since she and her fiancé split up, thought it a great opportunity to name an unreasonable price for her pumpkin. She thought such am ugly, old witch would surely not argue. The witch then begged Anarita if she would be so kind as to give it to her as a gift. Although she felt sorry for what appeared to be a poor old lady, she still gave her a rotten pumpkin. The witch’s hungry eyes did not notice the peculiar colour and smell that the pumpkin had. She walked off happily with the pumpkin under her arm, assured that she’d finally have something to eat. About to dig into the pumpkins rotten flesh, her senses came back to her and her gratitude and her happiness disappeared. With rage and vengeance she stormed back to the stand to switch her outer appearance to that of a handsome prince. Not even having to ask, Anarita grabbed her most beautiful pumpkin and offered it to what seemed to be a stunning prince. The second Anarita‘s hand touched the prince’s she was transformed into a pumpkin prettier than even the one she offered the prince. The stand looked as if it were unattended. Marianella, who had been shopping at the market wanted to buy a pumpkin. She didn’t want to undergo the awkwardness of meeting Anarita, so she took as a chance to steal one. Obviously she chose the gleaming, lush pumpkin in the centre and ran off with it. Back home Marianella whipped up a pumpkin up, which would probably have had a rather bland taste, if it hadn’t been for Anarita. Fernando gobbled up the entire bowl, scraping out every delicious drop. Marianella and Fernando went to bed, feeling full like never before. In the morning Marianella awoke but her handsome Fernando was not next to her anymore. She heard a blood curdling scream from the washroom. She jumped out of bed, heading straight for the washroom to check what the commotion was. When she opened the door, her once jaw -dropping boyfriend, was now still jaw dropping but in all the wrong ways. Instead of human ears, a set of donkey ears emerged from the sides of his head. Both realised at this moment that they never had any true affection for each other and it had been their appearances keeping them together. Every kiss they shared, every time they held hands had been for nothing. At that moment Marianella felt true dread and terror letting herself become so shallow with looks. Anarita was lost forever and it was all her fault.

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