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  • Charlie Fuhrmann

Android Vs iOS - Who Will Win?

Everyone who has a smartphone knows that the operating systems iOS and Android are competing to see who the best of them is. And everyone has a clear favourite between the two. My opinion is: both are good, but Android is slightly better than iOS. Now some of you might be thinking,“iPhones are so much better! Why should I buy an Android smartphone?” I do respect these opinions, but I still want to show you what advantages other smartphones have.

1. Camera

Wait! Please continue reading. Yes, the cameras of iOS devices are good, but have you seen this?

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park (November 2021)

This photo was taken by me with my Google Pixel 6a Smartphone (Android). The camera quality is 12 Megapixel, but the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that edits the photos makes every single one look very unique and beautiful.

2. Settings

Have you ever tried to set a custom ringtone on your iPhone? Have you ever tried to change the system color? Have you ever tried setting Siri to wake you up? No? I know why. Because you can't. Android has lots of useful settings. And to answer the last question: Yes, you can set the Google Assistant to wake you up in the morning and tell you the news, the weather and more (At least on a Google Pixel Smartphone).

3. User-friendliness

Android is more user-friendly than iOS. When you start your Android smartphone for the first time, it will show you some tips on how to use the device directly after setting it up. Android enables you to easily find your widgets and your apps with the search bar, even allowing you to customize your control center and so on. Yes, iOS also has some of these features, but Android presents them in a way that is more accessible for beginners.

4. Price

I don’t even have to say anything about this one. You know what I mean.

850£ 600£

12-Megapixel camera 50-Megapixel camera

6 GB Memory 8 GB Memory

128 GB storage 128 GB storage

3500 mAh (battery) 4300 mAh (battery)

As you can see, iOS smartphones are no longer better than others in every way – in most cases, Android is the better choice.

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