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  • Benjamin Charbonnier

Ashoka show review (Episode 1)

Ashoka, which came out on the 23 of August, has currently released six episodes. It is a show manly featuring Ashoka (obviously) who is the former apprentice of Anikan Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, and some characters from Star Wars Rebels such as Sabine Ren and General Sendula which also have significant roles in the show. It is about Ashoka and her crew attempting to locate Thrawn (the villain from Star Wars Rebels) who is in a different galaxy far away. There is a map that leads to him but others want this map too because Thrawn is the last Grand Admiral of the Empire that has not been captured or killed. Many Emperial sympathisers are more than willing to help his grand return, which would unleash chaos across the galaxy. The twist is that Esra Bridger is also there. He was good friends with Sabine and General Sendula. Now that you know the basic plot, let’s get started with reviewing.

First things first, we have to talk a bit about episode one. Here is the first scene I want to talk about. Ashoka and here droid accomplice Huyang (who by the way was originally made for training of Padawans) go to an abandoned temple belong to the Witches of Dathomeir. Here she locates a map that leads to Thrawn but unknown droids attempt to prevent her from leaving with the map as they seek to be in possession of it too. Sadly for them they fail and self-destruct. It is a great scene, in my opinion one of the best scenes in the whole show so far, but unfortunately there are few that match up to this scene. Just five minutes later we begin a scene that was supposed to be intense, from what I can tell, but just fails to put me anywhere near the edge of my seat or sofa, I should say. I don’t want to bore you with the details, so effectively what happens is that Sabine Ren is supposed to go to a ceremony honouring the brave Rebels who fought to free the planet from the Empire and the producers tried to make an intense getaway scene that is basically her driving away from a ceremony because she is bored. To put that into perspective: it’s about as exciting as me not wanting to do homework so I go down stairs to watch TV instead.

Next up Ashoka asks Sabine to decode the map that she had gotten but instead Sabine whines about the fact that many years ago Ashoka didn’t want to train her to be a Jedi. Instead, she runs away with the map, deciphers it and gets robed by some dark side user. Attempts to have a duel but pretty quickly ends up getting stabbed in the chest.

In conclusion the opening episode was a mixed bag of good and boring scenes with room for improvement.

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