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Bahrein Grand Prix

On the 5th of April was the first race of the 2023 Formula 1 Season. The Race was Bahrain, one of the most famous tracks in Formula 1. It was a nerve-racking race, like always. There was drama, crashes and you could finally see the new cars in action.

The race started with Max Verstappen in pole position with his teammate right behind him. Behind them where the two Ferraris followed by Fernando Alonso in his Aston Martin. The race started with Max Verstappen having a brilliant start. Fernando Alonso dropped into the seventh position though. The race ended with Verstappen in first and Perez in second. Fernando Alonso finished third place.

Throughout the race you saw how quick the Aston Martin was. Extremely impressively Fernando Alonso climbed from 7th to 3rd position. However, the Ferraris where very disappointing. Leclerc’s cars engine stopped working and Sainz finished in position 4. The most impressive the driver was Pierre Gasly. He started in last place but climbed his way up into position 9. It is obvious though that Mercedes must improve their car. They had no straight speed and finished 5th and 7th place. Hamilton, Russel, and Toto Wulf all agreed that their cars were not good enough.

The next important race is the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix on the 19th of march and by then Mercedes will hopefully have improved their car.


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