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  • Barbara D‘Arrigo


Banksy is an incredibly famous graffiti artist, who is active all around the world. He has created some of the most famous artworks in the world while remaining, to this day, fully anonymous. In this article I will be exploring Banksy’s most iconic artworks.

For quite a while now, Banksy has been creating artworks in Ukraine. These are on broken buildings or bridges. His most recent art work there is one of a gymnast balancing on a

shelled bridge.


The artist posted photos like such on his new Instagram account and was met with overwhelming support from fans all around the world. Many are congratulating him for drawing attention to the conflict. He gained over 10 million likes in just ten hours and the number is still growing. He continues to show his artworks on his page and tries to draw attention to this topic.

One of Banksy’s most famous artworks is the Girl With Balloon. This mural is a simple one that shows a girl reaching for or letting go of a red balloon. It is shaped like a heart and seems to have many different interpretations as to its meaning.


The most common interpretation is that it symbolizes the loss of innocence. However, others say it's true meaning is to never lose hope.

Another iconic mural is the Flower Thrower. Like in the picture above the artist uses black and


white paint and a colorful bouquet of flowers to create a splendid contrast. This mural also has a hidden meaning. It is meant to symbolize the creators' hope for a peaceful resolvement of conflict in the future.

Banksy is an inspirational artist who wishes for a good and peaceful future for everyone. Although we do not know who he is, we are still surprised at the amazing art he produces.

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