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  • Penelope Becker de Miranda

Bloodshed and Betrayal part 9

When I arrived, I immediately called the police, and there we have it—the perfect murder. Let’s see what happens next.”

Downstairs, Mr. Greenwood turned on the news program a second time, and this time the reporter eventually reported Alan’s murder. Luckily, their address was not mentioned, as that would bring up a lot of problems for them. “So, I guess that’s it. My two friends dead, my wife ill, and I, well, I don’t know what I am right now. It’s like this huge mix of emotions, and it’s definitely not pleasant,” mumbled Mr. Greenwood to himself. The sun slowly set, and night quickly fell. Mr. Greenwood decided to sleep in the guest room tonight to make sure he would not get sick as well. Christmas Eve was now just one night away, and Mrs. Greenwood was crying endlessly about all the things she had done. She threw the diary across the room and got up. She stumbled to her vanity, where in a filled drawer was a gun. Just for protection and not for what was about to happen.

“BANG.” Evelyn Henrietta Greenwood lay dead on the floor. Her husband knocked down the wooden door. He turned on the light and threw himself onto the ground. “EVELYN! DO YOU HEAR ME? You can’t leave me!” He started crying. The love of his life lay dead in his arms. The man, who had already been through too much, was now utterly broken. He sobbed and sobbed with his head on her shoulder and his arms wrapped around her. About 20 minutes passed in endless bawling, and he startled at her lying on the floor with blood flowing down the side of her head. He ran downstairs and called the police. They soon arrived, and the distressed man told them everything he knew. They entered the room and were shocked. They took the body away but stayed in the house. One of the officers found the now late Mrs. Evelyn Greenwood’s book. They opened it and read until the man gasped, “Hey, Mr. Greenwood. I think there’s something you’d want to see here.” He entered the room. “Yeah…” “Here, mate, read for yourself. I’m so sorry.” Adrian Greenwood read the three pages of his wife’s confession. He wasn’t angry, just disappointed. Their marriage was supposed to have been one where the couple could trust each other and be truthful, but it turned out his marriage was the opposite. He handed the book of betrayal back to the officer and left the room, wiping away angry tears. The officer tried cheering him up a bit, as the man was completely drained. Now poor Adrian Greenwood was alone in the world, and he also knew that his wife was a traitor. She had murdered both of his and her friends in cold blood. He knew that what she had done was cruel and evil, but why would Beth and Alan try to blackmail her if they knew she would be furious? They probably couldn’t deal with the guilt of having accidentally killed a child on the road. Besides, no one would have thought that Evelyn was even capable of harming anyone. She had such a kind heart, but it turned out to all be a sham, a lie, a betrayal.

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