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  • Penelope Becker de Miranda

Bloodshed and Betrayal (pt.7)

He walked into their room and saw Mrs. Greenwood standing at a window.

“Are you alright? I heard a loud noise!”

“I was just opening the window for some fresh air.”

“Alright, how are you feeling?”

“Not much better, but I decided to get back on my feet. Are the officers gone?”

“Yes, they left a while ago.”

“And the body?”

“It’s gone, don’t worry,” replied Mr. Greenwood.

“A ghastly sight, wasn’t it, Adrian.”

“It certainly was,” Adrian sighed.

“I’m sorry. I guess we both lost someone who was dear to us.”

Mr. Greenwood nodded and told his wife to go back to bed as she needs more rest, and so she did. Her husband closed the door and crept back downstairs. Adrian had sat himself back down on the couch. He was still a bit confused as his wife told him she had opened the window, but it was already closed when he walked up, the loud banging sound just appeared shortly before he walked upstairs. In a way, it made sense to him but then again it didn’t. Maybe he had just misunderstood. He turned on the telly and turned down the volume.

“Christopher Jenkins has been released from prison and is declared innocent after questioning about the murder of Elizabeth Wilson. However, Alan Robinson has escaped, please be warned. Steve Farn and Leonard Grians still remain in their cell until further notice.”

“Good heavens,” he turned the volume up, just a bit. “Well, he can’t do any harm now, he’s dead.” Nonetheless, the reporter probably hadn’t been notified yet as this has just happened. He was concerned but just a bit; he hadn’t left the door open. Did his wife go anywhere, he thought to himself. If she did, she must have left the door open or how else would a dead man get into his house, and how in God's name did he end up dead in his kitchen? It would at least be smart of the killer to hide the body and not leave it in the bloody kitchen, unless someone was trying to frame him or his wife.

But who? Who would do that? To his knowledge, he nor his wife had any drama with anyone as they also hardly quarrel with others as it only ruins everything and anything. Meanwhile, Evelyn was sitting on her bed and writing into her hidden, hardcover journal. “Great heavens, today was wildly sad, honestly. First, Beth’s death gets reported to the stupid police, and now the only other person who knew about the accident is dead too, in my kitchen! Can you believe that? I still can’t believe it’s been 6 years since the accident; I feel so guilty but what is there to do, it happens and that’s what it is. I haven’t thought of this in a while; it hurts as it was my fault. That poor boy, we just drove off and left that child to die on the road. The truth is we were all in shock: me, Beth, and Alan. I know, I know it was wrong what I did, but we can’t change the past only the future, and I already messed that up too.

I should have told Adrian that I also knew Alan, I mean he and Beth had been in a relationship for at least 7 years, but then she broke his heart just a week ago or so, he turned into someone else. Adrian didn’t know who his partner was, is what he said, but I don’t really believe him. No one really knew about their relationship, and honestly, I didn’t even know that Adrian knew him nor that he went to visit him several times without my knowledge. I have to get something off my chest; I can’t tell it to anyone as I do not trust anyone anymore after what happened lately. The only thing I can tell this to is you, dear diary. This is hard to say, but I” the woman hesitated to write down what she had done, but after thinking for a very short while, she continued, “well, I, I killed Beth and Alan. No one can ever know about this. I seem like a cruel and vile woman, I know, but they were blackmailing me and threatening to tell the police and Adrian about the accident. They swore we would never talk about it ever again, but I guess they felt so guilty for the incident after all these years that they wanted to confess, but I still don’t know why they would even ever want to make me so unhappy by telling everyone and eventually probably landing me and maybe them behind iron bars. But it would probably just be me as I was the one driving; they just sat in the back seats, but witnessed everything. I couldn’t deal with that. I know it was a terrible mistake and thing to do. But either way, I might end up in prison. At least this way I know that no one will tell as no one knows.

Oh, gosh, it feels good to get that off my chest, but seriously, I am scared. I must admit though, I am, if I can say, a very good liar. It’s like bluffing is my specialty or talent as some might call it. Well, so yeah, that’s my story. I feel so bad, but it had to be done, right? She theoretically tried to betray our friendship by ratting me out to the police, and I couldn’t live with being stuck in a small and dirty cell and maybe even being sentenced to die or whatever they do to people who have run over a small, brainless child. I mean what on earth was that child even doing in the first place? If you see a car approaching obviously, you're not going to run over the street, you have to wait. Why am I even raging at dead people in the first place?” Evelyn placed down her ink pen and glared at the pages she had filled with the truth.

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