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Book review of Harry Potter and The Daughter of the sea

There are plenty books out there, but nothing beats a great fantasy story. Great examples are the daughter of the Deep by Rick Riordan, Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone, Harry Potter by JK Rowling and the school for good and evil. They all have something great in common such as friendship, family and that they all must learn to trust and learn who they really are. Daughter of the deep By Rick Riordan (He also wrote Percy Jackson and the trials Of Apollo)

Daughter of the deep is a book about a brave girl called Ana Dakkar who is a student at the top-secret Harding Pencroft academy. The academy trains the best underwater explorers in the world. But as Ana and her friends leave on the first sea trial everything changes for the worst. She finds out the cause of her parents mysterious death at sea and finds herself captain of a boat with a class of half trained freshmen fighting for their lives. She will have to put her problems to side, guide her friends to an island that no one knows about and find a myth that turns out to be real. She will have to fight a giant octopus and fix an ancient submarine. Will she be able to do all of this in time? Will she keep her friends alive? To find out all of this, read the book. I recommend this book. There's a lot of tension, underwater knowledge, and sea animals. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone By J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is quite a popular book. It's about an orphan called Harry Potter who lives with his uncle and aunt and his revolting cousin Dudley. Mysterious letters start arriving at privet drive addressed to him. His uncle tells them all to pack and his uncle drives with no intention of stopping. They do stop eventually and go to a house on an island surrounded by water. Harry cannot sleep but counts the minutes till his birthday. Then at midnight when Harry finally turns 11 a giant burst into the room and finally reveals the secret behind the mysterious letters. He's a wizard. Harry first doesn't believe it. But then starts to understand. So, on the 1st of September he boards a train on platform 9 3/4. That brings him to Hogwarts the school for wizards and witches. He finds friends quickly, so do his enemies. Harry will have to Face death, but he will have his friends to help him get out of trouble. And this is only the beginning of Harry's adventure. He still has six years to go and six more adventures to survive.

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