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  • Azize Ozyurek-Baer

Chango Review

When you think of filled pastry, lots of different things can come to mind. It seems that every culture has its own version. But be it dumplings, pierogi or Cornish pasties you think of, the idea is the same: a filling of some sort made better by encasing it in pastry. Whether it is baked, boiled or fried, they are a favourite of many. Chango’s empanadas have the same appeal and are a slice of stuffed pastry heaven.

If you don’t know what empanadas are, they are baked pastries with a savoury filling encased in the crimped pastry. They are comparable with a Cornish pasty, but much smaller, almost hand-sized.

There are not any places to sit down at Chango, since you simply order through a window, but, since empanadas are ideal for transport, seating would be unnecessary. The restaurant is located right by the Green, on Paved Court, making it the perfect picnic food, or, if they are free, you can sit by the yellow tables across the road.

Through the window, you can see a selection of empanadas with signs indicating the different fillings. There are meat choices, for example beef and chicken, but also plenty of vegetarian fillings, which I chose.

The first had a classic, but failproof filling of tomato, mozzarella, and basil. It was creamy with a fair amount of mozzarella, with a lovely basil flavour coming through, whilst the tomato added a slight sweetness.

The spinach and ricotta version had a fair amount of spinach and was not dry.

The creamy goat’s cheese filling of my third empanada had a sharp flavour which was complemented by the sweet pumpkin it had been paired with.

The olive and cheese variation had a good amount of salty olive slices in the cheesy filling.

They all went very well with the olive oil and herb dipping sauce which came with the empanadas.

Should you find yourself at Chango, take your time to savour the empanadas, and just enjoy the moment.

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