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  • Philipp Schmid

Charles Log and the Tale of the Teleporter

Part 2

After 2 hours of driving, they finally arrived at Zonya's Lab. It was a massive structure in the shape of a globe, which was standing on a small box, and the exterior was covered with solar panels.

“This is it, Rajon Zonya's lab. You know this was actually just finished, and there have been a lot of mishaps here, where a lot of people passed. Some people think that this was on purpose because Zonya has a rich history of not clicking with his team members,” said Log. They stepped out of the car and walked towards a huge iron gate, and Log pressed some buttons on the keypad attached to the front of the gate. Then came a voice from the keypad: “State your name and the purpose of your visit please.”

Log replied: “Paul Miller, I am here for the tour.”

“Uh, ok.”, said the voice, and the gate opened.

“See, the gate has to open because you can only know this address if you are doing the tour, but I know it because at the tech expo, he was so drunk, it just slipped out. Don’t know why it said “uh” though” said Log. As the two entered, they already saw an example of Zonya hating his co-workers, as he was screaming at a woman who accidentally made her partner disappear.

“Ah, Log. I've been expecting to see you sometime soon. What do you want?” Zonya had a burnt face, grey hair that was sticking up and a white lab coat on.

“I would like to see who you have been selling your stuff to recently,” said Log.

“I'm sorry, but I am afraid that I can't do that. This is related to the zoo explosion, isn't it?”

“Yes, and if you will not tell me, I'll look myself.”

“You know what? This is going too far. You and Paul are wasting my time, so could you please exit the facility.”

“Wait. How do you know that he is called Paul?” asked Log.

“Uhm. PAUL, RUN!”

He ran, and Log chased him until they reached his car, which was unlocked. Paul turned on the motor and started driving away.

“Huh, guess I should have listened to John. Luckily, my key can control the car,” Log said and then spoke into his key.

“Hey Paul, if you didn’t know, I can control the car by my keys, so how about you step out, so I don’t have to escalate this even further.”

“No, I don’t care. I have ruined my life anyway,” replied Paul.

“I have one more question: why did you do this? I mean, your life was going great, why did you just kill an innocent man?”

“Rajon offered me a better life than I already have, and I have nothing better to do,” said Paul. “Okay, if that’s all, goodbye,” said Log.

“No, I'll tell you the truth. I'll step out the car. My parents owned that zoo when I was a child, and when they died, I wanted to make them proud,” said Paul.

“Alright, there we have it. I'm going to go to Zonya, so you just stay in my car. My key tells me if you break out or not, so there's no point.” Log went back into the Lab and searched for Zonya.

“Zonya, I know you're here, no need to hide.”

Then, one of his co-workers snitched: “He’s on the roof!” Then Log took the stairs to the roof, where Zonya was already waiting.

“Oh Log, I've always known it would come to this. You really are a great detective.”

“Zonya, why did you sell your artifacts to a kid?” asked Log.

“Great question, great question. You know when he first informed me of his situation, he really reminded me of me. My parents also died when I was just a child. That is the reason I have built my own company. I mean, I had to get money somewhere. Now, if you would excuse me, I would like to keep on working on my new device.”

Log replied: “No, you're coming with me, and if you argue against it, I’ll tase you”

“Oh shiver me timbers, I'm scared! Hahaha!” Then he jumped off the side of the globe with his parachute, but he didn’t expect there to be a huge mass of poisonous acid on the floor, right where he landed. Within a matter of seconds, he disintegrated.

“Hey Zonya, you're under arrest for selling dangerous items to an underage person. Well, he’s dead already, so there's no point.”

Later that week, Log visited Paul at his home.

“Hey Paul, how's it going?” he asked.

“Not too bad you know. I've been making a bit of money so I don’t have to kill anyone anymore.” Both burst out laughing.

“Ok Paul, I'll be checking in on you every week, okay?”

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

As Log went to his car, Paul watched him cruise out onto the road and into the sunset.

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