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  • Lucia Abuhl

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is one of the most recognised holidays out there, and has developed quite the reputation for all of the fun activities people do to celebrate it. From caroling, baking gingerbread men, hanging up Christmas lights or writing a wish list for Santa Claus, there are countless songs and stories revolving around the “most wonderful time of the year”. There are so many rewarding things to do, whether by yourself or with your loved ones. I decided to make a list of a few of my favourite traditions, along with resources to help you do them! For maximum fun, invite a few friends or family members to do it with you.

Baking gingerbread men

This is probably my favourite Christmas tradition! My little brother loves to pick the shapes and cut out the cookies while my younger sisters decorate them with all sorts of colourful candy. There’s always a lot of secret snacking involved too!


I usually do this at my church with friends and family, however, this year there’s going to be a live carol performance by Jonas Kaufman! He’s a famous opera singer who recently released a brand new Christmas album and it’s amazing. Definitely worth checking out!

Decorating the house

This one is pretty straightforward, but still loads of fun! My family and I always blast Christmas music and have a singalong party while hanging pretty lights, garlands and ornaments all over the house. The louder the music, the merrier!

Secret Santa gift exchange

Also known as “wichteln” in German, this is a really fun activity, whether it’s with your friends, family, or absolute strangers! The combined effect of your mysterious Secret Santa and trying to get the perfect gift for your assigned partner makes this a load of fun, keeping anyone involved on the edge of their seat in anticipation!

Christmas crafts

Here are a few crafts that my siblings and I really enjoy making every year. We’ve done every single one of these! The homemade decorations are guaranteed to make anyone smile when they walk past.

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

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