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  • Lara Inderst

Crocs - Style or pass?

Shoes, an important part of any outfit. They can complete a look or upgrade it to the next level. One of the most controversial types of shoes are Crocs, a current trend. They have been a topic of discussion in the fashion industry for years. While some consider them to be comfortable and practical, others view them as no more than an unpleasant sight. However, it seems that Crocs are continuing to become increasingly popular.

Crocs, invented in 2002 by Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker Junior, were initially developed as a substitute for a boat shoe (used for grip on the wet deck of a boat). They were first unveiled at a boat show in Florida, USA. Since then, the foam clogs have become a craze in parts of America and Europe. Today, Crocs’ net income has risen to about 725 million U.S. dollars.

In the early 2000s Crocs were mostly used by kids. But after recent appearances, from high-octane collaborations to the red carpet, Vogue Singapore has crowned Crocs to be the new autumn/ winter 2023 ˋit-shoe’. Another reason that Crocs have become a popular everyday shoe is that the pandemic brought about a shift towards comfort and functionality in fashion, making Crocs a perfect choice for those looking for something easy yet stylish to wear. Additionally, collaborations with high-end brands like Balenciaga and Christopher Kane have elevated the status of Crocs in fashion circles. These designer versions feature added embellishments and unique designs that make them stand out from the classic style. These embellishments have also caused a

recent trend to spread all over social media. Various influencers have been adding them to their Crocs to express themselves and add a more personal touch.

Overall, it seems that Crocs are slowly but surely making their way into mainstream fashion. However, the controversy is still alive on social media; celebrities post pictures of theirs to polls with the caption ˋCrocs- Style or pass?’ What do you think? Are the shoes with holes in or out?

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