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  • Paula Mueller

Donations for the ukrainian refugees

At the very back of our forum is a corner where our school is collecting things for the people in Kyiv that currently have to hide in bunkers or other places like underground train stations because their homes are being bombed by Russia. People are doing their best to help these refugees but obviously, conditions aren’t ideal. Not even close.

That’s why we have to help. Some things needed are backpacks, hot water bottles, medicine, energy bars, baby food, sleeping bags, backpacks and blankets as well as power banks. We can live with one less sleeping bag that we haven’t used in ages, but for the refugees, your sleeping bag could be what grants them a night in which they don’t have to shiver.

Please remember that there are also a lot of children in the bunkers. Donating food and blankets is the least we can do to help these kids.

My family donated a lot of things as well and as we collected the things we realised, that to us they weren’t that important while they can make such a major difference in Ukraine. We also went to the supermarket and bought some energy bars, medicine and baby food which didn’t cost us much and will help more than just calling Putin out.

It’s so easy to help, so please do. Because as we all just witnessed, war can come shockingly quickly and one day it might be us, needing those things that are being donated all across Europe at the moment.

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