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  • Maya Rose

Dua Lipa’s stunning Met Gala

If you don’t know Dua Lipa, you probably don’t listen to music. She’s won 3 grammies and won the Kids Choice Award for best collaboration with “Sweetest Pie” feat. Megahn Thee Stallion this year. The English and Albanian singer also attended the Met Gala this year, which honored the “A Line of Beauty” collection from Karl Lagerfeld. Even though lots found this theme controversial and lots of celebs didn’t go, Dua Lipa had all eyes on her on the red carpet this year. She wore a black and cream vintage corset ballgown from Chanel’s archive. In her Vogue “Dua Lips gets ready for the Met Gala” video she explained how the dress was a 1922 Bride dress from one of Karl’s Lines. She looked like a princess straight out of Disney in that gown on the red carpet. Not only that, but she wore a new legendary diamond-pendant necklace from Tiffany and Co., which had never been on display before. Dua Lipa explained that they had taken it out of their volt just for her. “I feel very very lucky. Definitely adding to the princess element tonight.”, she said in her Vogue video. It’s labeled the “Lucida Star Necklace” with it’s over 100 carats white diamond. Tiffany and Co. Have it listed under D-colored and responsibly sourced from Botswana. Dua Lipa’s Met Gala outfit this year has definitely set in place in fashion history.


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