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  • Philipp Schmid

EAFC24 Review

It's been about 4 months since EAFC has been released, and there have been many ups and downs for the game. Today, I will be telling you about good things and bad things on EAFC.

This year EA added women to the Ultimate Team which brought many mixed opinions, because there was a height difference between the men cards and the women cards. Another thing that has been added this year are “evolutions”. With this feature, you can choose your favourite player and make them even better than they originally were. This brings a lot of fun and excitement to the game because your team is unique. Playstyles have also been a huge part of the game, but only a few (the ones that are good) have made a difference, because there have been many that have made absolutely no difference. EA have been quite lazy this year, which is not a surprise, because they are always bringing out nothing when we are supposed to get content. Gameplay has also been a big issue this year, with many streamers/players complaining about the lack of movement of the players who do not have the ball.

In other modes, EA did well, because in career mode for example you can now have the real matchday experience, because before games, you can see fans walking into the stadium, players warming up and at halftime inside the locker rooms. Also, during the match, they added something called Hypermotion V, which shows, for example when you score, the speed of the ball, the percentage of it going in the goal, the distance of the player scored to the goal etc. Volta had been introduced in FIFA 20, but it never really lived up to its hype as a cool, tekky street football game, but it's getting more popular this year due to cool arenas, more skills, more celebrations, and the introduction of crossplay. Crossplay has been part of the game for quite a while now, but EA have made it much better. Over the last couple of years, it was only available for players on new-gen consoles/platforms (PS5, Xbox series X/S and PC), but they have now made it available for everyone, meaning that you can 1v1 your friend that also has the game, even they do not have the same console as you. EA can only improve from FC24, since it is their first game without FIFA, and I would say if you enjoyed and played the last FIFA games, you should probably buy this one, but if you have no FIFA experience at all, I would probably stay away from it because this is definitely not an easy game to begin with if you have zero experience.  

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