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Ever the since the 1980s, eco-terrorism has been booming. This is no product or new trend but people who are trying to stop climate change within the next few years. Eco-terrorism is a word which governments use when talking about extreme climate activists and groups such as Extinction Rebellion or the Animal Liberation Front. In this article I will call these people ecoterrorists, even though they do not see themselves as terrorists.

Eco-terrorists often glue themselves to the streets and stop traffic, including ambulances and other emergency vehicles. In Berlin, a group of scientists sacrificed their careers to glue themselves to a door to stop politicians entering a building and telling them to fight climate change. Some may think of eco-terrorists as those who throw food at paintings. This is true and some eco-terrorists have claimed that this is because while we are in a global crisis, art is the last thing that we could need. There’s also a lot of hate going towards these extreme activists for stopping emergency vehicles and vandalising art and other things. The FBI has held some groups responsible for millions of dollars' worth of vandalising and fines. Despite prosecution, people are still continuing in this manner and are organising protests. The eco-terrorist group Extinction Rebellion is even organising one on their website. But what do these protesters really want?

Protestors in Germany have been trying to introduce a speed limit on the highway so that less fuel is burnt. Other groups want people to drive green cars and want the government to get more people to drive green. So far, governments have not been complying with any of these wishes. In the UK eighteen people have been imprisoned, which has only led to more conflict. Do you think that these measures will work or do you think that such protests will carry on?

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Above: Activists glue themselves to copy of Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper', adding to string of similar protests.

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