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  • Nicolas Huber

Farmers Protest Around The World

By Nicolas Huber 


Looking at various news websites, you may have noticed that farmers all around the world have started protesting. How exactly they are doing this and why will be answered in the following article. Some countries affected by these protests are Germany, Poland, Belgium, France and India, among others.   

Why are they protesting? There is no one definitive answer for this question, as different farmers from different regions all demand slightly different things, but the bottom line is that they are demanding more pay and rights. Farmers in Wales for instance are protesting about a proposed subsidies change that would make them use at least 10% of their land to plant trees, while others in Europe are protesting cheap imports from countries around the world without the relatively high standards that the European Union holds on imports and exports. European farmers cannot compete with the cheap food coming from outside countries.  

Farmers in India have recently started protesting again, after an earlier protest from 2020 to 2021. Both reasons for the protests were the creation and preservation of the Minimum Support Price. The MSP is one of a few agricultural policies in India that sets a minimum price on specific food items, to ensure that farmers will make a minimum profit by selling them.  


Farmers have a few different ways of protesting, from blocking streets and marching, to spraying manure. A few real-world examples of this are farmers blocking the A2 highway from Poland into Germany and farmers in Brussels causing a gridlock by parking their tractors on the roads. Indian farmers also held marches all over India by taking over polls to allow free vehicle flow and affecting train services to and from Punjab. Other farmers in Brussels have also started clashing with riot police by spraying manure and throwing bottles and eggs at them. As of 26/02, the European Agricultural ministers have met to discuss the crisis sweeping across Europe.  


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