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  • Cosima Lukas

Fashion for Future

For some people, clothes are just pieces of fabric and for others, clothes make them feel good. However, either way most people don't think about what effect they could have on our planet, and in some cases what effect they could be having on other people’s lives. Enjoying having lots of clothes or not caring about having lots of clothes doesn't make a difference, that's not what’s bad for the planet. What makes a difference is how it's made: sustainably/unsustainably fairly/unfairly.

Many clothing companies don’t keep this in mind when designing, making and selling clothes, they just want to make money. Most companies make clothes with polyester or nylon, because they are cheap to make. This means that they can produce more and sell them for less. This is not good for the planet because they contain microplastics that rub off over time when you wear them, wash them, and finally when you throw the clothing items away; the unsustainable plastics pollute the earth. Enjoying going shopping is perfectly fine but keeping the company’s core values in mind is a good idea, after all it is helping the planet a lot more than you think. Although sustainable clothing is often more expensive, ask yourself; would you rather be paying a higher price for clothing or for the future of our Earth?

As for workers, mostly the same companies that sell cheap clothing made from polyester and nylon are the same companies that take advantage of the people in poorer countries where they don't have the same laws, rules and strict regulations that we do. They don’t protect children from child labour, nor do they mention anything about working conditions. This makes it easier for companies to manufacture clothing for a very low price, having those rules enforced would be a huge financial and logistical burden for them, an unnecessary obstacle if they can just move their factories to a different country and not have to worry about it.

Do you really want an item of clothing that a helpless child could have been forced to make, just because it saves you some money?

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