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Flowers, by Miley Cyrus – a message?

When Miley Cyrus released the song ‘Flowers’, fans went crazy and started investigating what might have led to this song and it’s lyrics. All the following information hints that the song is about her divorce with Liam Hemsworth and self-love, although neither has been confirmed.

Flowers is believed to be a twist on the song ‘When I was your man’ by Bruno Mars. Hemsworth had dedicated this song to Miley on their wedding night. Miley also seems to be responding line for line to Bruno Mars chorus by exchanging “I should’ve brought you flowers” to “I can buy myself flowers”.

It was released on the 13th of January Australian time, which is Australian-native Hemsworth’s birthday. At the beginning of the song Miley sings ‘Built a home and watched it burn’. Liam and Miley tragically lost their house in 2018, caused by a forest fire in California. She also wore an oversized suit in part of her music video, which fans immediately recognised to be the suit Liam Hemsworth was wearing at the premier of Avengers: Endgame. This was the premier where Miley stuck out her tongue for a photo, which reporters and photographers thought was inappropriate and was seen to be provocative. Liam, embarrassed by the situation, told Miley she needed to ‘behave’.

Another aspect that was looked at, was the house Miley was in in the music video. It is believed to be the house where Liam cheated on Miley multiple times during their relationship, although this has not been confirmed by either of them. The house belongs to Miley and is called studio city. She bought it in 2011 as a sign of her independence.

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