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Forgotten Wars

We all read a lot about Ukraine and there are many good reasons why we have to. But no one speaks about the many other wars that are going on all around the world and that seem to be forgotten.

In Yemen there has been a war since 2014 when a coup against President Al-Hadi happened. The civil war is between the Houthis rebels, the army, the Arab League and the terrorist group Al-Qaeda and the army of the Southern Transitional Council. Around 60,000 people have died so far and more than 4 million have been displaced.

Ever since the United States and the West have withdrawn in 2021 from Afghanistan, the Taliban occupy the country and conflicts between them and the Islamic State have increased.

The Ethiopian war is also known as the war in Tigray, because its centre is in the Tigray region, in the north of the country. Almost 1 million people have died from starvation. The war started in a 1994 civil war and government forces are fighting against Tigray Defence Forces, the Oromo Liberation Army, and the Gumuz Liberation Front.

The war in Syria has lasted for 12 years now and is still ongoing. The civil war between troops loyal to Bashar al-Assad; the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army; the Islamic State; and Kurdish troops continues. Approximately 370,000 people have died, 1 million wounded, and more than 5 million displaced.

The terrorist group Islamic State is very active in Africa. Their goals are to expand the power of the Islamic state through Jihad. The largest number of attacks are in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Congo, and Mozambique.

In Myanmar, the military is targeting civilians but the West has been very slow to help. It is believed that the coup may have been a way to re-establish the military's long-reigning power over the country which ended ten years earlier. The bloody repression of anti-coup demonstrations led to the creation of armed groups to fight the State Administration Council, the military junta.

Caught up in its own 25-year-old war against UNITA rebels, Angola wished to eliminate the UNITA operation in southern Congo which imported weapons while exporting diamonds out of Angola. This is the same reason it participated in the First Congo War to overthrow the hostile Mobutu government.

There are many other wars not listed here and some people fear that the war in Ukraine takes away the attention and help for other wars in the world. It means that more humanitarian aid is needed to help the victims of these forgotten wars. They deserve the same support than people in Ukraine.

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