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Everything you need to know about the return of Chapter 1

In case you haven’t heard yet, Epic games have recently confirmed the return of Chapter one season five. Here’s a run down of what happened.

So when the new Fortnightmares update dropped, Epic made some changes to the Eclipsed Estate vault. Before, you were able to select from three random mythic weapons but after the update things changed. At the back of the vault there was another vault door that was previously shut. When the new update launched, the second door opened were you would meet Kado Thorne in his vampire form (he is the current villain in the storyline). Once you eliminate him he dropps not just one but two mythics . The Midas drum gun and the brand new mythic kinetic balde that allows you to move around quicker and attack others with the katana. More important though is the reveal of Kado Thornes time machine. If you don’t know Kado Thorne, is a wealthy collector who uses a time machine to aquire various items from the past. Anyway, the date on this time machine is set to the date of the launch of chapter one season five.

Next we have to talk about other things that confirm this such as Epic tweeting an image of Kade Thorne standing next to the time machine. The description reads “The greatest heist of all time”. We have a pretty good idea of what he’s gonna steal to. All of the most trusted leakers have said that they can confirm the return of OG Fortnite.

You‘re probably asking yourself what exactly we are gonna get. Well, on the 3rd of November when this season ends the chapter one season five map is definitely gonna be there featuring some classic POIs such as Tilted Towers, Loot Lake, Dusty Divot, Pleasant Park and Retail row. But some unanswered questions still remain. The biggest question being: will we get the OG Pump with the original look and sound. Also, back then you could double pump using a Pump Shotgun and a Tactical Shotgun. In case you didn’t know, double pumping is when you swich between shotguns in between shots to nullify the cooldown in between shots. Now it was possible to do this with to Pump Shotguns but because this was too overpowered Epic added a larger cooldown when switching between to Pumps but in season five it was still possible to double pump using a tactical shotgun and a pump. It is also unknown if guided missile launchers will return because these have been completely removed from the game files. I hope you are just as exited as I am!

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