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  • Benjamin Charbonnier

Fortnite OG and Live Event story line

Since November 3rd Epic Games finally brought back OG Fortnite. If you haven’t heard you, don’t play Video Games or just have never heard of Fortnite before which is quite unlikely. Anyway because of this everyone played Fortnite for a week until no one cared. I have proof shortly after release Fortnite Battle Royale reached a new concurrent player record for the year of a whopping 3.5 million players playing at the same time. That doesn’t even include Ranked Mode for Zero Build and Build Mode and it also doesn’t include Creative Maps and normal Zero Builds. Long story short everyone was playing. But yesterday there were only 350K people playing Battle Royale which is still a lot but no were near how it was 2 weeks ago.

Anyway let’s talk about the storyline. So the way this happened is last season this vampire collecter guy called Kado Thorne came to the Island with his time machine that he used to collect historical relics. Dr Slone put together a team to steal his time machine. This was a success and the weird vampire guy died. Then some guy called Jonesy used the time machine to bring us to OG Fortnite. Not really though, this was a different time line. All seemed normal until Kevin the cube didn’t break. In 2018 this big purple cube got destroyed in season 6. In this time line he didn’t get destroyed. Here he was just fine. Also in season 7 the Ice king was supposed to be there but instead we got a smaller snow biome with only Frosty Flights, there is no Polar Peak. Also in season 8 there should have been a volcano but that didn’t end up coming either. Therefor there was no eruption which means the events of season 9 wouldn’t happen either. Because Polar Peak isn’t there that means there wouldn’t be the Devourer either so the events of season X wouldn’t happen because the Zero Point wouldn’t destabilise. But instead Kevin did that. Now this guy called the scientist is building a rocket which was supposed to happen a lot earlier in season 4. The time machine is strapped to the rocket. This is leading up to the event on Saturday the 2nd of December titled the big bang with a performance by Eminem. That will kick start Fortnite chapter 5.

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