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  • Giulia Detlefsen


Friends is an American television series made by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. The sitcom was extremely popular in the 1990s to 2000s with season one airing in 1994 and the last season airing in 2004. It has 10 seasons with each having about 20 episodes being about 20 minutes long. 

Main actors include Jennifer Aniston playing Rachel Green, the “pretty one”, Lisa Kudrow playing Pheobe Buffey, the "crazy one”, Courtney Cox playing Monica Geller (Rosses’ sister), the “obsessed with cleaning one”, Matt Leblanc playing Joey Tribbiani, the “hot but dumb one", David Schwimmer playing Ross Geller (Monicas brother), the “smart one” and Matthew Perry playing Chandler Bing, the “sarcastic one". It is said that Rachel’s character made the most money and that is 320 million USD, and she even has a haircut named after her, called “the Rachel cut”. Matthew Perry went through a lot of things compared to his co- stars. He started to take drugs and said himself that at one point he would take 55 Vicodin (a pain medication) a day. His addiction only became worse and today he cannot even remember a couple of years of his life. At one point Jennifer Aniston confronted Matthew Perry and said, "we know you're drinking”. The only season Matthew Perry was fully sober was season 9.  

Friends was inspired by the creators of the show own experiences when they were younger and living in New York City. The television series was originally called Insomnia café and had a very different plot, but the creators of the show changed that. 

Friends is set in Central Park New York and shows six friends just hanging out. The friends often sit and drink coffee at the café Central Perk and sit on a big brown iconic couch. At the café, the iconic waiter Gunther has a huge crush on Rachel. In the first episode Rachel runs in the café in a wedding dress looking for Monica. They used to be best friends in high school and Ross also had a huge crush on her. Rachel explains how she escaped her wedding after she realises that she does not love her fiancé, Barry. Monica decides to let Rachel live with her and Rachel for the first time in her life does not get financial support from her rich father and must get a job. The friend group interduce each other and Joey hits on her with his iconic “How you doing". From there a long friendship starts with many on and off relationships going about in the friends group. 

The television series became so popular because Friends is a great comfort watch, and you get to know the characters’ personality traits as well as it being very funny. The show has a special capacity to remind viewers of the strong relationships that span generations while simultaneously taking them back to a simpler time. In fact, Friends, the highest-earning sitcom series ever recorded, earns $1.4 billion for Warner Bros, thanks to licensing and merchandising. Despite being off the air for almost two decades, Friends continues to find new audiences as reruns, for the delight of old fans. The official age rating for Friends is often different depending what country you are in, but in the UK on Netflix it is 12. I think this a great television series to watch when you need some comfort, because it is so relatable and funny.  

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