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  • Theodor Meinhardt

Gallery of extinct animals

Nowadays you only think about the animals that exist today but what if I tell you that in a few years mammoths will be roaming the forests of Siberia and dodos will be walking through the rainforest. You are probably thinking to yourself: never- they have gone extinct! But with today's technology it may be possible to ‘bring some animal species back to life’.

Billions of species of animals have become extinct over the centuries, and up to 58,000 species become extinct every year. However, 50 new animal species are discovered every day alone. But now to the gallery of extinct animals. Mammoth: Mammoths are an extinct species of the elephant that have lived during the last ice age. The woolly mammoth had adapted well to the climate and its warm fur protected it from the icy cold. Why it died out is unclear, some claim it was wiped out by Stone Age people, others by global warming after the Ice Age. Quagga: The quagga is not quite as famous as the mammoth, but it has a history that is at least as fascinating. By the 1850s there were few quaggas left in the wild as they were hunted for their prized meat. Tragically, what was probably the last quagga died peacefully (probably of old age) in Amsterdam Zoo in 1883. Dodo: The dodo is a large flightless bird and lived in the Mauritius jungle until about 300 years ago. The dodo was wiped out by man, because he brought rats to the island. The rats ate both the dodo chicks and the dodo eggs. Saber-tooth cat: Saber-toothed cats belong to a subfamily of cats and became extinct about 10,000 years ago. Why she had canines for so long is a matter of debate, perhaps they were used as a threat to other animals or were prey animals finally identified? Nobody knows that for sure. Java Tiger: The Java tiger was one of many animals that fell victim to deforestation. They cleared rice for cultivation and hunted it until it was finally extinct. The Java tiger has been considered extinct since 2003. Now it is our task to protect the animals that are still alive in order to preserve the beauty and above all the biodiversity on this planet not only for us but also for future generations!

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