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  • Alexandra Desbiens

Gloomy November Days

In November, we think that it starts to get cold and gloomy . Here are a few tips to stay warm during the winter months. 1. Make yourself hot chocolate 2. Wrap yourself in a warm and cosy blanket 3. Watch a movie 4. Sit by the fireplace and play a board game 5. Start making Christmas presents for your family, it never hurts being too organized 6. Take a warm bath with lots of foamy soap 7. Read a book or play games 8. Go outside with your friends 9. Find a task that needs to be done in your household 10. Make cookies to give out to friends and family 11. Bake something 12. Be productive and do your homework 13. Reorganise your room 14. Have a fun time with your family 15. Go outside and find something to be creative with

Hopefully this list has something for you to do during November.

We think that November is a cold and gloomy month, however most of the time December, January and February are cooler. Why do we think like this? The reason for us thinking is often that our bodies are used to the warm and long days of the summer and the slightly colder months of October. However, when we change time and the sun sets earlier, we think that it is late even though it is maybe only 4 o’clock. The fact that November is also slightly colder than the previous months often makes us think that this time of year is particularly cold and gloomy.

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