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  • Charlie Fuhrmann

Google Pixel Review

About 5 months ago, I started using the Google Pixel 6a Smartphone and now I know a lot about Google’s Smartphones and other devices. So, if you want /have to get a new mobile, I will show you Google’s version of it.

1. Design

For some people, the design of their smartphone is important. And if you love minimalistic, simple, and modern design for the hard-and software of your smartphone, you should really look at this smartphone.

This is my own home –and lock screen. It is so minimalistic, user-friendly, and customizable. You can do almost anything you like to do on your smartphone, so there are millions of ways to create a home screen design. You can also create a “smart” text at the bottom of your screen (I set it as: “Hallo Charlie”). And your design doesn't have to look like this, it can look like this:

And I don’t have to say anything about the hardware... just look at it yourself:

Google Pixel 6a

These are (in my opinion) the most beautiful smartphones in the history of smartphones. But not just the design is perfect...

2. Software

...the software is as well! Every google Pixel smartphone (except for the Pixel 4-series or lower) gets more than 5 years of updates! And every mobile (except for the 4 and lower again) runs with the newest Android version and with a special touch of Google. The company has a lot of apps that every Android Smartphone needs to run correctly, so their phones match perfectly with Android versions.

3. Pairing to other devices

In this category, Google always wins. Their smartphones have Nearby Share, so some of the smartphones can give battery charge to other devices that support wireless charging, when Bluetooth is working perfectly, and (my personal favourite) you can share your Wi-Fi connection to other people within seconds! You just need to let your Pixel generate a QR-Code, and you can share it with the others.

How to Share Wi-Fi Password on GOOGLE Pixel 7 Pro With all these methods, you can easily transfer any stuff you want, without a cable.

4. Google’s future

The company already has the most innovative devices, technologies, and software, but their future will be outstanding. Just look at what they are planning:

Yes, there are already some foldable smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold, but this one is by Google. And that means that it will be one of the best smartphones they have. And if this one is released, their next device will be one that humanity has never seen before.

To summarize, these kinds of smartphones are (in my opinion) some of the best, and I recommend you at least look at their website.

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