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Greek myths and legends

This article is about the beginnings of Greek mythology.

In the beginning there was only chaos, the disordered energy of the universe. Chaos yawned and life arose. The first and most powerful deity to emerge from chaos was Gaia, the earth. She created the glittering sea and mountains as the eternal abode for the gods. Then she created Uranus. He should be the sky surrounding the mountains and the sparkling sea. Next, out of the chaos, Eros, Love, and Tartaros, the underworld, emerged. At the end came Erebos, the darkness, and Nyx, the night. Together, Erebos and Nyx created Aether, the light, And Herrema, the day. Those were the first gods. Gaia and Uranus fell in love and ruled the universe. At first they were happy and fathered many children. Gaia gave birth to 12 Titans. They lived on earth and in turn had many children themselves.

Next, Gaia gave birth to three Kylops, each with one eye, and three Hekatoncheir, each with 100 arms and 50 heads. But Uranus was no longer happy and called his children monsters.

So that he would not have to see them again, Uranus hid the Kylopes and Hekatoncheiren deep in the earth. Unable to forgive him for what he had done to her children, Gaia turned to her bravest son, one of the titan Kronos, for help. Kronos said if he were given dominion over the universe he would overthrow Uranus. Gaia gave him a toothed sickle and explained the plan to Kronos. When Uranus came to visit Gaia, Kronos sprang from his hiding place and cut a wound in his skin. His blood dripped into the sea and mixed there with salt. It formed a huge shell that drifted ashore.

The shell flipped open and Aphrodite, the goddess of love, emerged. However, the blood that spilled on the floor gave rise to three women. they were furious and punished criminals by driving them insane. Uranus fled and Kronos ruled the universe from now on. Gaia was finally able to free her children. Kronos had defeated his father and was now king of the gods. His Titan sister Rhea became his wife and thus she became queen. Kronos freed the Kylops and the Hekatoncheirs from their prison, but when he saw them he was so afraid of them that he had them imprisoned again. Gaia cast a curse on Kronos that one of his children will depose him as he did his father. Kronos became very scared and decided to destroy each of his children with his own hands. Kronos had five children and swallowed them all because they could not die. Kronos was proud of himself, he thought his mother's curse could no longer be fulfilled. But Rhea did not want to lose another son and so she gave birth to him on Crete far away from Kronos. But Kronos wanted to swallow this child too. Rhea gave him a stone wrapped in a cloth. Kronos swallowed the stone without suspicion. Rhea named her 6th child Zeus. When Zeus grew up, he decided to free his siblings, he usually asked the goddess of wisdom for advice. She brewed him a potion that would make Kronos sick. Zeus accepted the potion from Metis and planned how to give it to Kronos. With the help of Rhea, Zeus went to Kronos palace and disguised himself as a servant. Kronos did not recognize his son because he had never seen him before. Zeus served him the wine and he drank it. Kronos became dizzy and spat out his now grown children, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. Zeus had freed his siblings from their prison.

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