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History of cakes:

Cakes are one of the most famous desserts in the world. They are mostly associated with celebrations such as weddings and birthdays. The word “cake” originated from the Norse word ‘’kaka’’ used by the Vikings. The first cakes were made by Egyptians, though their ones were different than the cakes that we know today. They made bread-like pastries covered with honey. The Romans and Greeks created cakes early on as well; the Greeks created early versions of cheesecakes and the Romans created fruitcakes.

In the 17th century cakes were getting more popular which led to the invention of the modern cake in Europe. The modern cake was round and coated in icing, which was created by mixing a boiled mixture of egg whites and sugar with added flavoring.

Birthday cakes are the most famous type of cakes. They are cakes that usually represent themes and have lit candles on them. Birthday cakes originated from the Greeks and were used to celebrate the birthdays of their gods. For the birthday of goddess Artemis, they made a round cake to represent the moon and theories say that the cake had lit candles on it to represent the moon shine.

Nowadays cakes are not just made to be eaten. They can also be pieces of art. Some talented bakers can create realistic creations that resemble everyday objects. Cakes have clearly gone through a lot of changes, but they will always be regarded as a food that brings people together.

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