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Home Schooling

According to Oxfords dictionary, home-schooling is “the practice of educating children at home, not in schools.”

About 81, 000 children are home-schooled in the UK. This number was obviously dramatically changed in the pandemic. Before the pandemic, the most common reasons for home-schooling were peer pressure, bullying and safety. However, many parents also decided to home-school due to dissatisfaction with how school education quality was.

Many parents and caregivers are, now concerned about the children’s academic progress and social development when being home-schooled.

Kids that are home-schooled tend to score higher academically than children in public schools. However, it is hard to draw a definite conclusion, as this only comes from the statics of willing home-school families. A structured school day is very important for both variants. If a home-schooled child has an organised lesson plan and knows when it needs to do its work, they tend to score higher than children in public schools. However, if their school work and school day are unstructured, they tend to score lower.

Studies on social skills are surprisingly quite mixed. Some show that children that are home-schooled have better social skills but some show that they have worse social skills. Not surprisingly, children that have had more peer interactions, show better social skills. This could be a sibling for example.

The majority of research shows that home-schooled children have higher GPAs then children from conventional schools. Most home-schooled children don’t actually attend competitive four-year universities and studies have shown children that have been home-schooled are more likely to have lower – paying jobs.

I think home-schooling is a great thing for many people to help with certain hurdles, such as bullying at school, disabilities or even if you are in a nomadic family. I love being in a school full of other people as I find it makes the lessons a lot more interesting and you can build core memories with all the people around you.

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