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Hottest News 2023

Case Cracked On 200,000 Stolen Crème Eggs

A man claiming to be the Easter Bunny has been arrested for stealing 200,000 Cadbury’s Crème Eggs. The chocolates were stolen from the unit in Telford on Saturday the 25th of February. The West Mercia force tracked down the individual that had stolen them. The crème eggs were found on the Motorway in a vehicle driven by a 32-year-old man and fortunately, they were able save most of them, as their value was reported to be £40,000.

Dogs Take Over New York Fashion Show

Many different breeds of dogs stole the show at Elysian Impacts Inaugural CatWalk FurBaby fashion show in New York. Designers, models and rescue animals worked together for a day filled with fashion and fundraising for animal welfare organisations.

A Messy Situation For Germany

The German tennis player, Alexander Zverev, was targeted by Melbourne’s seagulls in his second round match against Michael Mmoh. This resulted in a loss for Germany and some very messy blonde locks.

Gold Miss Universe

Miss El Salvador, a Miss Universe contestant strode onto the stage in her bitcoin–inspired gold bodysuit. Showing tribute to her country, who became the world’s first country to adopt crypto-currency two years ago.

US Patient Turns Irish

A man in the United States who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, developed a “uncontrollable Irish accent”, although the patient didn’t have any Irish background. Research has proven the accent was consistent with Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Slow Post

A man in London received a letter that was addressed to the former resident of his home. He was surprised to discover it was actually posted in 1916. Finley Glen said: “We noticed that the year on it was ’16. So, we thought it was 2016”. However, after closer examination saw the stamp didn’t have a queen but rather a king, meaning it had to be from 1916 not 2016.

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