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  • Zachary Ridgwick

Hunger Games

Book report- Hunger games by Zach Ridgwick

The novel ‘Hunger Games’ was published on September the 14th 2008 by the Scholastic Cooperation and was written by American author Suzanne Collins. On top of selling around over 100 million copies and being translated into 54 languages, the series was adapted to a movie starring familiar faces such as Jennifer Lawrence. It is the first book of a trilogy and the genre is dystopian. Some of the main themes explored in the books are power, relationships and dictatorship.

The story takes place in a near future version of the USA. Countless wars and natural disasters have made the place unrecognisable to what it is today. After all these wars, only one nation remained - the mighty country of Panem. The remaining land was divided into 14 different poor districts and the one rich and powerful capital (called the “Capitol”).

74 years after a revolution that results in the destruction of Distrikt 13 and the creation of the so called ‘Hunger Games’, the brutal pitting together of 24 teens (one boy ans one girl from each district) where one reigns supreme and claims a life of fame and wealth, the 16 year old Katniss Everdeen is forced to volunteer for the games to protect her sister from certain death.

After that she is brought to the Capitol, where she trains in preparation for the games and tries to win the favour of the public. Then suddenly her fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark, proposes his love for her- and then the next day they are thrown into the arena.

Throughout the book Katniss is often faced with life threatening decisions and sticky situations - and must deal with the consequences of killing innocent kids to secure wealth and safety for her family. This is reflected in the theme family - how far would you go for them? Katniss is determined to win the games for her family. Peeta on the other hand will sacrifice himself for Katniss. It’s their lovestruck relationship that keeps them alive. And yet if they survive, Peeta will have to live knowing that it was all a ruse to ensure their survival.

I like the Hunger Games because of how crazy the situation is. How did humanity get to the point of watching children kill each other? If you’re into romance, yes, there’s a fair lot of that - the story revolves around Katniss and Peeta’s relationship. However, the novel is way deeper than that - topics such as dictatorship, freedom and survival. Every time you reread the book, you get a deeper insight about the world of the Hunger Games - the metaphors, the themes, everything. And if you’re too lazy to go into that stuff, then there’s plenty of gore, tension and violence to get you interested.

I would recommend the book to children at least 11 years old - the themes would go over younger people's heads and the gore would definitely produce some nightmares. Anyone else should enjoy the Hunger Games - a modern classic.

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