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Hygiene products you should never use

Good Hygiene is very important. That’s why it’s worth investing money into a good skin care routine. You’ve probably seen the crazy TikTok skin care routines and let me tell you: not all that much effort is necessary for a skin care routine. But not just different skin care routines are shared on TikTok or other social media platforms but products as well. We know that not all the reviews and products can be trusted. Sure, some are very good but it’s definitely hard to figure out which ones. In this article I want to focus on the products that you should not be using.

Don’t use...

1. Lip Plumper

The amazing effect of your lips becoming plump and juicy within minutes without any plastic surgery does attract, but what if I tell you that even though you're avoiding surgery you're still harming your lips! That tingling or even burning feeling you get when applying the lip plumper is not normal. It is due to the blood cells in your lips expanding and letting more blood rush through that area which we also know as swelling. This swelling could lead to irritation. Even worse, one could have an allergic reaction to the harsh swelling chemicals. The harsh chemicals could be mild irritants such as capsicum which also causes the chillies to have their famous spice, bee venom – yes bee venom to swell lips— or peptides or collagen. These are chemicals used in lip plumpers to trigger plumping through absorbing moisture increasing size of fat cells to stimulate plumping. The chemical hyaluronic acid is also often used in lip plumpers. Hyaluronic acid is well known in the skin care community to hydrate yet concentrated amounts of this acid can lead to a fuller looking appearance on the lips. It isn’t bad but do you really want an acid or any of these chemicals near your mouth?

2. Sugar Scrubs

Using a sugar scrub is fine as long as you follow these steps. First you shouldn’t use it more than twice a week or it can make the skin thinner and therefore more sensitive to harsh UV lights which means you can get sunburned easier. Another bad side effect is that it can cause rashes. This is called over-exfoliation. Secondly, make sure you're using the right sugar. Raw sugar can leave tears in the skin because it’s so coarse, so instead use a finer sugar such as cane sugar. If you are thinking of exfoliating your skin with a scrub maybe consider using a salt scrub instead. Salt scrubs can detoxify the skin as they scrub leaving your skin healthy and smooth.

3. Certain Sunscreens

Sunscreen has a lot of chemical ingredients. If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients listed on the back of your sunscreen, I bet you wouldn’t be able to pronounce half of them. One of the active chemicals in sunscreen is called oxybenzone. This chemical has been proven to cause cancer. Yes. I know – what? Isn’t sunscreen supposed to prevent skin cancer?? Studies are still being run but the FDA suggests staying as far away as possible from this chemical and using sunscreens without oxybenzone.

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