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  • Zachary Ridgwick

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 14

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 14- which one reigns supreme?

Every year it is the same: Apple, Samsung, Google or any other smartphone company release a new flagship model. This year Apple unveiled the iPhone 14- and viewers were surprised that it looked identical to the iPhone 13. Apple made up for it, claiming it had a longer-lasting battery, a faster core and a better camera. But if we compare these two models, how different will they be?

In this article you will learn if it is worth buying the latest iPhone or if you should just stick with the previous one. But firstly, what else is new? The iPhone 13 comes equipped with crash detection and action mode where you can film action scenes with the result not looking shaky or blurred. There’s also slightly more memory which would hence make it faster.

On the aesthetic front there are actually more colour options for the iPhone 13. Both phones have blue, ‘starlight’ and ‘midnight’ (shades of white and black) and red; however only the 13 also offers green.

Moving on to the technology aspects, starting with the battery. When put next to each other and used consistently until one of them died, there was slight difference in battery percentage until around 70%. Here the iPhone 14 proved to be superior and had about 4-5% more battery than the iPhone 13. In the end, the battery of the iPhone 14 lasted about an hour longer than the 13. So overall there is a noticeable battery improvement. If you work long hours or need the battery to last a while then that could be an argument in favour of the newest iPhone.

Both iPhones have the same M15 chip. This means that performance wise you will see little difference in speed. The price of the 13 has decreased by around £130. It now costs around £729. In conclusion, there are minor dissimilar features but nothing game-changing. Unless you just want to buy the latest iPhone for status, we don’t recommend upgrading from the 13 to 14. However, if you are several models behind and are considering buying a new iPhone, then this is the best valued one. Whatever you do, just don’t buy a Samsung.

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