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Is Boris Johnson going to resign?

The past two years have been the opposite of what we expected. A major pandemic sweeping the world, we stayed at home and barely left our houses. We kept our distance and wore our masks, because that is what we were told by our government. But have they been following these rules? In 2019 Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. Only one and a half months ago, we found out about a Christmas party. This led to Allegra Stratton, the Press Secretary at the time, resigning. She broke down in tears and we learned that while millions were lonely at home trying not to catch the virus and following Covid regulations, Boris Johnson was having a garden party, over 100 people were invited, around 30 attended. This left millions feeling betrayed. They had been separated from their families; forced to see elderly relatives through glass, fathers could not go into the hospital, to see their children born. But Boris Johnson decided to drink wine with his co-workers, breaking his own rules. Soon after, the country found out about several other parties, including one at Christmas, Boris Johnson had also attended, at which he broke his own laws. He argued that he thought they were work events, which was an extremely dangerous move because if it is proven that he has been lying, he will have to resign. Many have already told him to do the ‘honourable’ thing and resign. This time, even his own party is trying to kick him out. They were very clear, they said they voted for Johnson to deliver Brexit, which he eventually did, now that the job is done, they think it is time for him to leave. Former Tory MP, Christian Wakeford has defected to Labour in response to the Prime Minister’s actions. Lots of other MPs have also been waving him goodbye. Even Dominic Cummings has shown proof that Boris Johnson knew he was breaking his own regulations, which the Prime Minister denied. Boris Johnson has not only had to apologize to the country, but also to the Queen. That is because the evening before her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, was buried, Boris Johnson was hosting a party. Downing Street apologised to the Queen, an additional embarrassment. Johnson is still stubborn and denying everything, barely holding on to his position and in great danger of losing it.

Downing Street garden party : 15th May 2020

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