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  • Benjamin Charbonnier

Is Williams going to make a comeback?

In recent years Williams Racing has been at the bottom of the grid, fighting to avoid the dishonour of last place in the constructors. Luckily for them, this season it has been looking like they might be able to dig themselves out of this hole rather soon. But first let’s see how Williams fell into this hole in the first place.

It all started in 2018. This is the first of many seasons in which Williams finished in last. Their driver line up was Sergey Sirotkin and Lance Stroll who are both pay drivers (drivers who race because of the funding they give to their team rather than being in the sport due to skill). This makes it clear how much they were struggling pace wise and financialy. In total they scored 7 points. Lance got 6 and Sergey 1. This was a horrible performance compared to last season were they finished 5th. The team was hoping that they could make a better car for 2019. Williams also got to new drivers rookie George Russel and Robert Kubica. New drivers new luck right? Wrong. This season was even worse scoring a grand total of 1 point. For reference if you win a race you get 25. 9th place team Haas scored 28 which when you do some very basic math makes you realise that Haas did 28 times better than Williams.

However it’s the turn of the decade and the only way is up. That’s what you would be thinking if you were incorrect. You might have noticed that Williams scored 1 point in 2019. That means if you somehow manage to score 0 points that would be worse. So knowing modern Williams racing that is exactly what they did (kinda). They picked up another rookie Nicolas Latifi. He failed to score any points. Russel sored 3 points but he was subbing in for Valteri Bottas in the Mercedes team. At Williams he followed suit and scored 0 points. You cant really blame them though it was in the middle of the Pandemic so everyone was strugeling. Moving into 2021 guess who didn’t finish last! That’s right Williams! They were 8th with 23 points! George socered 16 and Nicolas 7. The same line worked great and things were looking good until 2022. Yeah they were last again with 8 points. But look whos here Alex Albon is in for George Russel hes of to Mercedes. Alex scored 4 points Latifi 2 and sub Nick de vries got 2. I talked more about him in my Liam Lawson artickle. This year with 2 racer to go Williams are in 7th with 28 points and a new drive Logan Sargent who is there instead of Nicolas. Will the momentum stay or will they drop back down well find out next year?

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