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  • Janik Salazar Kaiser

Murder in Kingston!

At the end of February, on a cold breezy evening, I was in Kingston upon Thames, just 2.8 miles south from our DSL, and there was a murder!

Yes, a vicious murder (actually, two murders), a gunshot, another attempted murder, a police inspector, the innocent-looking suspects, the different possible motives and of course… Miss Marple! Because all this happened inside the Rose Theatre at Kingston in a thrilling detective story play.

This play, "The Mirror Crack'd", is based on a novel written by the great “Queen of Mystery” Agatha Christie in 1962. "The Mirror Crack'd" takes place in St Mary Mead town, near Bristol in southwest England. There, the amateur detective Miss Marple will solve an ‘impossible’ crime where nothing is what it seems at first glance and everyone holds some long-hidden personal life secrets that finally lead Miss Marple to the cold-blooded murderer. The actors played their roles magnificently and one of them, Joe McFadden, was also a former participant (and winner) of the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ TV show a few years back.

The Rose Theatre was founded in 2008 by architect Peter Hall, and its design was modelled after the original Elizabethan Rose Theatre on London’s Bankside. It has just presented "The Mirror Crack’d” from the 21st to the 25th of February, and it offers a spectacular theatre programme all year round.

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