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  • Tristan Mehta

Murder Myster Part 1.

Everything starts at the International Space Station on the moon, where there are six scientists researching the moon in their areas of expertise. Every scientist has their own research cabin somewhere on the moon, where they are in the best place to research their scientific area. The scientists who decide to work together have a larger cabin. Each one of them has a personal room in the main station. Their form of transportation from the Space Station to the cabins is through moon zooms and moon bikes. The Space Station is one acre large and has one dining area for the scientists. The staff who make the food and run the station are all robots controlled from earth. So, there are only six humans on the moon at this point. 

The scientists have two more weeks to complete their research before they return home. They are called Stephen, Max, Niels, Charles, Heisenberg and Albert. Stephen and Max are working together on enlarging the space station, Charles and Heisenberg are collecting data on neighboring stars and planets, and Albert and Niels are working alone. Albert is working on finding material on the moon that can be used to build a human settlement on the moon. No one knows what Niels is working on, he is working for the US military and his work is classified. It is the first of October, everybody is getting ready for dinner. During dinner Albert asks Niels quietly:” Hey Niels, could you come to my room tomorrow after dinner I have something important to discuss with you.” Niels answers:” Alright, see you then.” Charles overhears them and whispers:” Heisenberg, I think Albert had a breakthrough.” “How so?" asked Heisenberg.” Well, Albert asked Niels to come to his room tomorrow night to discuss something important,” Charles says.” Hm, we will figure it out after tomorrow. How about we try and hear what they are saying? You could come to my room since it is right next to Alberts room,” says Heisenberg. “Great, I will meet you after dinner in your room,” says Charles. 

True to his word, the next day after dinner at around 9pm Niels goes to Albert’s room. After about one hour Heisenberg and Charles can hear that one person is leaving the room next door and after that everything is quiet. Immediately, Charles leaves Heisenberg’s room and notices two things: one, that the door to Albert’s room is not fully closed and two, that Niels is just turning the corner as he sees a piece of his green coat in the reflection of a mirror hanging on the wall. Charles then knocks on Albert’s door and as no one answers he enters the room. It is empty. He turns around and simply goes to his room and sleeps. It is now just after ten o’clock at night.

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