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  • Tristan Mehta

Murder Mystery part 2.

At breakfast both Albert and Niels are missing, however, no one is alarmed because both like to sleep late. Both are still missing at lunch and dinner as well and the others are getting worried. They decide to look for Niels and Albert. After a long search Charles finds Niels’ and Albert’s dead bodies in Niels’ cabin, which is a little further away from the other cabins due to him working for the US military. It’s not immediately clear what the cause of death is, the bodies show no influence of violence. They request an autopsy from the robots and the result will come the next day. Everybody is horrified and goes to their room in shock. They lock their doors, and no one leaves their rooms until the result of the autopsy the next morning. However, Heisenberg texts Charles:” Did you see Niels or Albert leave his room the other night when you left mine?” Charles responds: "I saw no one.” 

At breakfast the autopsy report is waiting for all of them. It says both of them died of lack of oxygen between 10pm and midnight. Upon further inquiry it becomes clear that the ventilation system in Niels’ cabin stopped working between 10pm and midnight on the day of their death. The robots are sure, that their deaths were due to a technical fault and file a report. The case is closed.

Max, Steven, Heisenberg and Charles are discussing what it was that Albert told Niels that night? What did he find? The four know that Albert had been working on finding a way to turn water stone into liquid water. Water stone is a material that can be found on the moon and many planets in huge quantities, but it has not been possible so far to turn it into water. It would be a huge breakthrough for all four remaining researchers if water was readily available in space. They decide to check out Niels’ cabin one more time. Curiously, Steven stays behind and says he needs to go to his room and will catch up with them in a little while.

Niels’ cabin is neat and tidy. To get in they had to ask for special access from the robots. Ordinarily, no one can enter a cabin or room except their own and do so with Face ID. The three of them look around for clues about Niels’ research or anything unusual but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary or interesting. Except for the shapes of the dead bodies that are still painted with chalk on the floor of Niels’ cabin. It is a depressing sight.

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