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  • Tristan Mehta

Murder Mystery part 3.

As they are about to leave Steven enters Niels’ cabin together with the chief police robot. Steven asks them to sit down. He starts pacing up and down the cabin with his hands folded in his back, he even lights a cigar which usually is strictly forbidden at the space station. Steven says: “One of the four humans in this room is a murderer. I never believed for a second that Albert and Niels died of a faulty oxygen system. Our space station is double, and triple secured, and the central ventilation system is controlled by a supercomputer that cannot be hacked easily and without special access rights. I started to get suspicious when I got a text message from Heisenberg telling me that him and Charles were listening to Albert’s and Niels’ conversation on the night of their deaths and that they overheard quite a bit through the vent connecting Heisenberg’s and Albert’s room. I got even more suspicious when I heard that it was Charles who was the closest to the vent and heard everything while he then repeated what he heard to Heisenberg. Heisenberg felt he left out some important pieces. It was not enough to crack the secret of turning the water stone into water. While Steven speaks, he keeps smoking. Suddenly Heisenberg starts to turn red and starts coughing heavily. Steven looks at him with interest. The chief police robot starts tapping furiously on his laptop and then nods to Steven.

Steven stays very calm and says: “Charles, you murdered both of them and we have just proven it.” It turns out that Steven suspected foul play all along since Heisenberg’s text. To prove it he had to find a way to get into the security system of the space station and specifically into the system that records changes in the process regarding oxygen flow. This system is top secret and can only be accessed by the chief police robot if he has a very good reason to do so. Steven just gave him a very good reason. Steven says: “It turns out you have asthma, Charles, which gives you special access to the oxygen flow system. In addition, you are a computer specialist by background making you the only one who could have possibly tampered with the system and gone beyond all the security clearance for Niels’ cabin. The chief robot just checked and saw that it was you who switched off the oxygen in Niels’ cabin for a short time. You forgot that Niels’ room has a special US military security system on top of the system that you hacked into, and this system took your picture while you were entering the system. You are going to be charged with murder. I suggest you call your lawyer.”

All of the scientists went back to earth the following day and Charles went to prison.

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